Maintenance and Operation of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Maintenance Methods:

  • Keep the self loader concrete mixer clean and remove dirt and obstruction from the machine.
  • Check the oil, circuit and control equipment at each lubrication location and fill the lubricating oil as required.
  • During the operation of the concrete mixer, the motor, the reducer and the driving gear should be checked for noise at any time, and check that whether the temperature rise is too high or not.
  • After working, the concrete mixer shall be carefully cleaned.

self load concrete mixer SFM3.0



Operation Rules:

  1. The self loader concrete mixer should be empty test run before mixing.
  2. You should adjust the mixing time according to mixing requirement when power cut.
  3. In case of electrical or mechanical failure during mixing, part of the mixture should be removed to reduce load. Drive again after troubleshooting.
  4. Check the self loader regularly during operation in order to prevent electric shock and mechanical wounding and other safety incidents.
  5. Turn off the power supply and clean the mixing drum and site after mixing.
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