Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer

With the prosperity of the construction industry, the construction machinery industry has also been greatly developed. As the leader of new type construction equipment, mini self loading concrete mixer is known over the world for their unique advantages. In addition, self loading concrete mixer is widely used in various industries, such as: highway maintenance, subway and railway tunnel construction, suburban construction, water conservancy project, etc. We have exported the mixer to many countries.

Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sent To Malawi

mini self loading concrete mixer sent to Malawi
mini self loading concrete mixer sent to Malawi

3 m3 mini self loading concrete mixer
3 m3 mini self loading concrete mixer

mixer loaded in the conteiner
mixer loaded in the conteiner

Performance Characteristics of Self Loading Concrete Mixer:

Firstly, the mini self-load concrete mixing machine adopts integrative structure. And it is four wheel drive. In addition, it adopts the environmental-friendly diesel engine. Therefore, it is suitable for working in a variety of harsh working conditions, and it also has ensure durable endurance and safety.

Secondly, self loader truck for sale has automatic loading shovel with special design. It can measure the volume of material. And it is also equipped with micro-computer measurement device which can accurately control the quantity of raw materials.

Thirdly, the self load concrete mixer also has independent water supply system. The water pump, which is driven by a hydraulic motor, has a large flow rate. Moreover, it is equipped with a filter for preventing dirt entering the water tank.

Fourthly, the mixing drum can rotate 270 degrees. And it is convenient to discharge in different directions. The loading, mixing and discharging are all driven by hydraulic pressure. The spiral in the drum is used for mixing raw materials.

Lastly, the whole process of loading, mixing and discharging only needs 7~10mins. It can greatly improve work efficiency and save a lot of manpower and material resource. As a kind of mobile mixer, the maximum speed can reach 20km/h, and it has strong climbing capacity.

Specification of  Self load Mixer:

Main Parameter(2.5m3) ZY 2500 ZY 3500 ZY 4000
Drum capacity 4.5cbm 5.4cbm 6.1cbm
Real concrete yield per batch 2.5cbm 3.5cbm 4cbm
Weight system Made in China Made in China Made in China
Productivity Up to four batches per hour Up to four batches per hour Up to four batches per hour
Transmission Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering 4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering 4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering
Tyre size 16/70-20 16/70-20 16/70-20
Engine Weifang Huadong Yuchai Yuchai
Model 4105 YCD4J22T-115 YCD4P32T-150
Diesel Water-cooled Diesel Water-cooled
75 kw 85 kw 110 kw
Speed Range F1:1-8 KM/H F1:1-8 KM/H F1:1-8 KM/H
F2:8-25 KM/H F2:8-25 KM/H
F2:8-25 KM/H R1:1-8 KM/H R1:1-8 KM/H
R2:8-15 KM/H R2:8-15 KM/H
Discharge 270°discharging concrete 270°,discharging concrete 270°,discharging concrete

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mini self loading concrete mixer
mini self loading concrete mixer

mini self loader concrete mixer
mini self loader concrete mixer

mini self loader concrete mixer for sale
mini self loader concrete mixer for sale

Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price:

As for the self loading concrete mixer price, different manufacturers have different standards. As manufacturers increase, the price standards are also increasing. So it’s very difficult to choose a concrete mixer with reasonable price. As a reliable construction machinery manufacturer, we promise we have the best products and the reasonable price. All of our self loading mixers are made of high quality steel materials. Our products have won the favor of our customers for their reasonable price. Besides, we also can give you a discount according the quantity. If you want to know more detailed price information, you can contact us to get a quotation.

Photos and Videos of Self Load Concrete Mixer:

We have so many detailed information about the self-loading concrete mixer, such as: photos, self loading concrete mixer video and parameters. We have various kind of photos which can show our mixer machine from multi angles. Besides, our self load mixers have been exported to many countries, so we have a lot of shipment images. And our working video of the mini self loading concrete mixer can also show the working principle and process clearly. If you are interested in these informations, please feel free to contact us at any time! We will provide you the most professional solutions.


Mobile Concrete Mixers and Stationary Concrete Mixers:

Aimix, a reliable construction equipment supplier, has both mobile mixers and stationary mixing machines for sale. Here, I will give you a detailed description about the two kind of concrete mixing machines.

As a matter of fact, the self loading mixer is a type of mobile concrete mixer machine. Compared with stationary concrete mixer, the mobile concrete machine has good flexibility. And it has so many unique advantages. For example, it can greatly save raw materials’ transportation cost. Because it can move freely on the work site. Moreover, it can save labor cost as it can feed, mix and discharge automatically.Conversely, the stationary mini self loading concrete mixer also has its advantages.

In short, the self loading mobile concrete mixer is suitable for small-scale engineering. And the stationary concrete  mixer can adapt to various project types.

Self Loading Mixer Supplier and Manufacturer:

In sum, Aimix has various concrete mixer machines for sale, such as: self load concrete mixing equipment, concrete mixer, mini cement mixer, concrete mixer truck, etc. In fact, we have dozens of concrete mixing equipment types. And we can also customize any type of concrete mixer machine on the basis of users’ requirements. We will provide you best products. If you still looking for a concrete mixer equipment, why not contact us?

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