Mobile Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Because of its unique competitive features, self loading mobile concrete mixer is becoming the leader of construction machinery in recent years. Besides, it is a kind of equipment which integrates the concrete mixer truck and the concrete mixer. The self loading transit mixer can automatically feed, weigh, mix and discharge. And it can also transport on working site. The work efficiency is greatly improved, and the production time and cost are reduced.

Working Process of Mobile Self Loading Concrete Mixer:

Many clients ask us how a self load concrete mixer works recently. Here, I will introduce it to all of you.

First of all, putting a small amount sand and gravel into the mixing drum. Then we should inject water into the tank of the self charging concrete mixer, and inject some water is injected into the mixing bucket, too. When the injection process is finished, we need to put cement into the mixing drum. The feeding shovel of the self load concrete mixer will complete the feeding process. When the required amount of cement is added to the mixing tank, the gravel and sand are needed to be added into the mixing tank. At the same time, adding other raw materials for the concrete configuration. And the self load concrete mixer will be driven required place. At the same time, the drum will keep turning to ensure that the concrete does not clot. Mixing drum is equipped with spiral blade which is used for mixing concrete. After working, the self loading mobile concrete mixer for sale must be cleaned to ensure the equipment can have normal work later.

mobile self loading concrete mixer2.5
Model: SFM2.5
Curb weight(kg): 6500
Dimension(L*W*H) mm:6700*2400*3100
Power(kw/r/min ):81/2300
Mixing capacity(m3):2.5
Feeding speed(m3/min ):1.5
Inclined angle(°): 16
Discharging speed(m3/min ): 1
Water tank capacity(L):450
Supply method: Hydraulic driven water pump

mobile self loading concrete mixer3.0
Model: SFM3.0
Curb weight(kg): 7000
Dimension(L*W*H) mm:5300*2450*3360
Power(kw/r/min ):93/2200
Mixing capacity(m3):3.0
Feeding speed(m3/min ):1.5
Inclined angle(°): 16
Discharging speed(m3/min ): 1
Water tank capacity(L):300
Supply method: Hydraulic driven water pump

mobile self loading concrete mixer 3.5
Model: SFM3.5
Curb weight(kg): 7200
Dimension(L*W*H) mm: 7011x2441x3310
Power(kw/r/min ):85/2200
Mixing capacity(m3):3.5
Feeding speed(m3/min ):1.5
Inclined angle(°): 16
Discharging speed(m3/min ): 1
Water tank capacity(L):400
Supply method: Hydraulic driven water pump

Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine VS Stationary Concrete Mixer Machine:

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and exporter, Aimix has both mobile self loading mixer truck and stationary concrete mixer machine for sale!

Self load concrete mixer truck, which is a kind of mobile concrete mixer, has strong flexibility and good mobility. And it can save a lot of working time and transportation cost. It is very popular because of its unique features. At present, it is widely used in various small building projects.

Aimix’s stationary concrete mixing equipment consists of many models, such as: JDC concrete mixer, JS concrete mixer, JZ concrete mixer, JSS concrete mixer, and so on. Compared with self loader mobile mixers, the stationary concrete mixers also have their own competitive edges.

All the self loading concrete mixers have different advantages ans applications. If you are not sure which concrete mixer to choose, you can contact us. We will provide you with the most professional solutions according to your request!

Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Price:

Different manufacturers have different prices. Therefore, the price of self-load concrete mixer is not fixed. Sometimes you can not get a high quality self load concrete mixer at a lower price. So, choosing a reliable supplier is crucial. As a construction machinery manufacturer and exporter for more than 30 years, Aimix has the most reasonable price. And we can also give you discount on the basis of the quantity.

Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers Video:

We have many working videos about the  self loader for sale .They show detailed description of how the machine works and the condition of the working site. After watching our video, I firmly believe that you will have a very clear understanding of the operation of the self loading concrete mixer machine. And you can contact us for more detailed photos and videos if you are interested in our concrete mixer machine. And if you have any questions, you can contact us online. We will be 24 hours online and provide you with the most professional solutions. Moreover, we can send experts to working site to provide you guidance of installation and operation.

I think you must have a clear understanding about the self load concrete mixer now. And if you still want to know more about self loading batching plant, please feel free to let us know. We are online 24 hours. Beside, we also can customize various kinds of concrete mixer machines. So if you want to purchase a self load concrete mixer, contact us now!

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