Which Points Should We Pay Attention to When Use Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Since the self loading mixer has more and more wide applications, there are many people want to know what points should we pay attention when using a self loader mixer? Today, I’m going to make a summary of that.

1, the hydraulic system pressure should comply with the provisions of the instructions, and it shall not be adjusted casually. In addition, the quality and quantity of hydraulic oil should be in line with the original requirements.

self loading cocnrete mixer mixing drum
self loading concrete mixer mixing drum

2, we should clean the remaining water and debris in the mixing drum before mixing truck loading firstly. In order to prevent concrete segregation, the mixing drum must continue to rotate. When the mixer arrives at the site and discharge, the mixing drum should be rotated at a speed of 14 to 18 r/m for 1 minutes and 2 minutes, then reverse discharge. Before the reversal, the mixing drum should be stopped.

3, when the environmental temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, the whole process from the loading, transportation, discharge to the duration of not more than 60 minutes. However, the ambient temperature is less than 25 degrees Celsius, the above time shall not exceed 90 minutes.

Self loader mixer waterbox
Self loader mixer waterbox

4, when the self loading mixer works in winter, we should do whether the machine is freeze or not; And we should also shut off the pump switch after working, and the control handle is arranged in the “off” position.

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