Preparations We should Do Before Self Load Concrete Mixer Starting?

Many clients will doubt that what preparations should we do before the starting of the self loading concrete mixer? Today, I summarize the following points for you.

Firstly, you must check every parts of the machine carefully and ensure there is no any abnormal problem before starting.

Secondly, you should put the mixing lever in neutral position before starting.


Thirdly, the operating lever shall be placed at the discharge position to drain the water in the mixing drum after starting.

Fourthly, the operating lever shall be placed in the charging position when charging.

Fifthly, the discharge tank must be fixed in the “running” position to prevent swinging before delivery.

Sixthly, the lever should be stayed in the neutral position for a moment and moved to the next position when operating it.

Seventhly, the excess materials in the bucket are not allowed to be poured at will. After unloading, the mixing tank, trough, roller and other parts must be cleaned.

The self loader concrete mixer truck is a kind of special vehicle, and not all drivers can drive a concrete mixing truck. It will cause rollover, hydraulic pumps, motors, reducer wear fast, and even other serious consequences if you do improper operations. Therefore, we should pay attention to these preparations before starting the machine.

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