Self Loading Concrete Mixer Video

In recent years, the international construction market has developed a new type of mixing machine — self loading mixer truck. Due to its strong flexibility, good adaptability and multiple function, it is popular with all customers since its inception. The self loading concrete mixer not only can mix high quality concrete, but also can transport the finished concrete materials to any part of the construction site. In addition, users can also use self loader concrete mixer in conjunction with other concrete machines. It can also finish the concrete-mixing work which other cement machines cannot do even if in the worst working condition. Therefore, this kind of concrete mixer machine is occupying more and more market share with its irreplaceable advantages.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Video:

Video is a clear and direct way to show the detail information of a machine. In order to give a intuitional description to all of you, Aimix has several kinds of  self loading concrete mixer truck videos. Some videos show the working process while others show the operation methods. And the following video clearly display the self load concrete mixer’s working process on the construction site. I’m sure you will have a clear understanding after watching the video. Moreover, if you want to see more machine videos, you can contact us.

Introduction of Aimix’s Self Loading Mixer:

Aimix, a reliable construction equipment supplier and exporter, has dozens of concrete mixing machines for sale. As a matter of fact, we not only have self loading concrete mixer machine for sale, but also have stationary concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, and concrete mixer truck for sale. All of our mixing equipments have compact structure, good performance, unique design, reasonable price and high quality. Self loading concrete mixer, which is one of our best sellers, has several types of models. Here, I will give you a detailed description of our SFM series self loading mixing machine.

The SFM series concrete mixers including several kinds of mixing machines. Nevertheless, SFM2.5, SFM3.0, SFM3.5 are in great demand. The three machines are the most common. They can almost meet all the requirements of small construction projects. Here are some of the specific parameters and detailed pictures of these machines. If you want to buy a SFM mixing machine, you can refer to it.

self load concrete mixer SFM2.5
Model: SFM2.5
Curb weight(kg): 6500
Dimension(L*W*H) mm:6700*2400*3100
Power(kw/r/min ):81/2300
Mixing capacity(m3):2.5
Feeding speed(m3/min ):1.5
Inclined angle(°): 16
Discharging speed(m3/min ): 1
Water tank capacity(L):450
Supply method: Hydraulic driven water pump

self load concrete mixer SFM3.0
self load concrete mixer SFM3.0
Model: SFM3.0
Curb weight(kg): 7000
Dimension(L*W*H) mm:5300*2450*3360
Power(kw/r/min ):93/2200
Mixing capacity(m3):3.0
Feeding speed(m3/min ):1.5
Inclined angle(°): 16
Discharging speed(m3/min ): 1
Water tank capacity(L):300
Supply method: Hydraulic driven water pump

Unique Features of Self Loading Concrete Mixer:

As we all know, the kind of mixing machines are featured by unique characteristics.

1. Self loading concrete mixer for sale adopts full power engine hydraulic mechanical transmission. Compared with ordinary mechanical transmission, the transmission method can withstand greater load, work under different conditions, and extend the engine and chassis repair interval.

2. The working devices are completely controlled by hydraulic pressure, including: the rotation of the mixing drum, lifting and descending of the upper hopper, lifting and turning of the unloading tank, and the operation of the water pump.

3. In order to reduce the driver’s labor intensity, clutch and brake are all controlled by hydraulic pressure. In addition, the friction lining is made of powder metallurgy material in order to improve its service life. When an emergency occurs, a separate power separation brake separates the power and operates the hydraulic lever to brake.

China Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine:

In fact, China’s construction market has also been developing new types of concrete mixing machines, and achieved great success. China’s construction machinery is also moving forward to the industry leader. Because of its unique advantages, China’s construction equipments attract customers all over the world. Moreover, we never stopped researching and manufacturing more advanced self loading batching plant.

As a typical representative of the construction machinery industry, our company has made remarkable achievements in the past few decades. Over the past 30 years, Aimix’s construction machinery have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, France, India, Iran, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Uzbekistan, Yemen. Etc.

All in all, we are reliable self loading concrete mixer suppliers and exporter. And we have dozens of concrete mixer machines for sale. We will provide you not only best products, but also professional solutions. Contact us now!

The Self Loader Concrete Mixer was Ready to Export to Uganda on July:

self loader mixer Uganda

self loader concrete mixer machine Uganda

Uganda self loader mixer

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